Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dream a little dream of me- DreamCatcher Nails!

Had nightmares as a kid and found that these dream catchers didn't work? Yeah. Me too. 

But they sure as hell are pretty to look at though!

I was surfing around and saw so many nail tutorials that taught you how to pain your own dreamcatchers on your nails! So pretty! Must try!

Although it may look a little complicated, it really is rather easy. The top part is quite intricate so i decided to try them only on my thumbs.

Base color is ChinaGlaze "Hopeful" and for the accent finger I dipped my nail in a glitter pot and flattened everything out. (Confession: I was planning to go for a disco ball thing but I gave up halfway).
For the black lines, I used a striper brush dipped in black polish and gently pulled the brush across the nail. I used a dotting tool for all the other details.

Note: Because of the space you need for the details, medium to long nails only.

Try them out!


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