Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Naked nails

Over the weekend I decided to remove my nail polish because they’d been chipped on my toenails and as much as I like dark colors, the green on my fingernails was a little too somber for me.

So I went to Sasa to check out nail polish removers because Chelly had recommended that they had alcohol-free removers. Unfortunately, the outlet I went to didn’t have much to choose from and none were alcohol-free. So I settled on this – Oversa. It was the only one that didn’t look like the usual Sally Hansen and Cutex polish removers.

This claims to have nutrient oils, pro-vitamin B5 and keratin and it comes in a convenient pump bottle that nail salons are so fond of using. It also smells really nice, like a cross between a floral and powder scent, reminds me of my grandma. I wonder if it’s dangerous that it smells good that people don’t see a need to use it in a well ventilated space? After removing the polish, my nails didn't have that über dry feeling but instead was smooth with what felt like a thin layer of oil. For a small bottle of 175ml, it doesn’t come cheap at $7.95 but for the goodness it packs, I don’t mind paying the price. Will see how long a bottle will last so watch this space.

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