Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cover me up

So if you know me, I'm all about the lazy girl makeup routine. I can go without blusher and foundation but I cannot live without concealer. So here's some that I've tried.
Revlon PhotoReady, ZA Concealer Perfection, Revlon Age Defying, Benefit boi-ing. 

You might be wondering why I have more than one of the same concealer, and the reason is this - it's near impossible to find the perfect shade so I've taken to mixing them to get it right (I do this with my foundation too).

So what's the difference? Let me break it down for you.

If you don't know about the Revlon Photoready range, the products are supposed to have photochromatic pigments that reflect and diffuse light ideal for... photo-taking! If you look in a mirror under a light, you'll see tiny tiny reflective shimmer. It's a cream concealer that comes in a stick form, glides on smooth and provides full coverage.

I bought the ZA concealers when there was an offer for it at Watsons. Also a cream concealer that comes in a tube, I find it a little too 'sticky' but it's relatively good for covering my dark circles because of its consistency. I first bought this in 3 which is a little orangey then went and got 2 the next day which is a little too light for me, but mixing the two gets the right color.

The Revlon Age Defying concealer I got some time back (I don't even know what convinced me to get this). It's nice because it has a twist applicator that releases product onto the soft brush. I find the coverage this provides a little sheer and the color is a little light on me, so I use this as a highlighting tool just down my nose.

I'm more of a drugstore shopper than department store, so this boi-ing was courtesy of Chelly who I think found the color too dark on her fair skin. I generally don't use this like I do other concealers on targeted areas like dark circles or the dreaded pimple. I use this on days when I want coverage on larger areas - if I feel like my cheeks have some redness but don't want to use foundation all over. My gripe about this would be the fact that it comes in a pot, it's so unhygienic using fingers to pick up the product or even a brush. I don't understand why cosmetic companies still produce things in pots. I really don't. 

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