Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Glitter at Tiffany's

I ran out of nails to paint so I decided to do my toes instead. I was looking for an easy design that didn't require too much time because my back starts to hurt when I bend over to do my nails. #growingold

I started out with 2 coats of Re-Fresh Mint from China Glaze and sponged the glitter on.

For sponging, I either apply the paint directly on the sponge or pick it up from a pastil plate. I read that a lot of girls actually re-use their sponge but I can't do that. The polish dries up and everything becomes stiff. Unless they wash it I guess. But what for? These things are really cheap.

In order to maximize the sponge and make the entire "cake" last (didn't you hear? the world is ending, stock up on sponges! heh heh ), I tear a tiny piece each time and use a tweezer to sponge the polish on. Each piece should be able to last an entire set of nails. The trick is NOT to let the sponge soak in the polish, your printing becomes sloppy and gross. All you need to do is dab and go, dab and go.
Try to make the bottom edge of the nail covered with glitter and slowly dab less and less as you approach the top. If you want a really finished look, you can dab the base colour downwards a little when you are done with the glitter.

This style is very forgiving and is especially useful if you have smudges or dents you would like to cover.

As with everything else, finish off with topcoat! In this case, I used SV, my absolute holy grail item.


  1. I apply glitter tips by painting with the brush. Seems to work well for me. I will try to find the tutorial so readers have other options! -m

  2. But sometimes painting with the brush gives quite a harsh line no? I like sponging because it helps to make it look a bit more gradual..i think. haha