Sunday, September 23, 2012

Review: SNAIL Cell illuminating Multi-Step Treatment

I am a big fan of snail products and can hardly resist when I come across a new cream/mask/gel/whatever-else that is supposedly infused with it.

In Singapore, I think it was the Korean brands that first started bringing in snail stuff. But recently I have been seeing a lot of other brands bringing it in too.
Here is a video I found from 3 years ago, discussing snail secretion in beauty products in America. 

I am currently using the Darling Cream from Etude house and I love it so far. It makes my skin feel soft and healthy the next day. My tub is going to end in maybe a month time and I have started to scout for a new snail cream. So far, I am very interested in SnailStreet Snail Cream. The website is great and it tells you about the wonderful benefits of the cream and the wonders it does with your face. 
I just take the miraculous results with a pinch of salt. If it really is that wonderful, people with flawlessly beautiful skin would be everywhere. It sells for SGD55 and delivery is free in Singapore. Even cheaper than my Darling Cream :D
From the reviews I have read online, it is lighter than the Darling Cream and is absorbed a little better (86% snail stuff). It supposedly dries up upcoming pimples too. The Darling Cream claims to do that too but I honestly have not noticed anything like that. But to be fair, I hardly get pimples to test it out.

In the meantime, I am also trying out some snail masks! SASA has quite a few to choose from and I recently bought a few. Last night, I tried out SNAIL Cell illuminating Multi-Step Treatment mask.

I bought it simply because it looked cool with two portions and everything. (Im a sucker for silly things like that). Also, it was only $2.80 
The top half contains an ampoule that is supposed to help your skin absorb the snail essence better together with all that cell illuminating nonsense. In my science class, I tell my kids that cells are the basic building blocks of life, so no, I really don't think that a simple $2.80 product can make them illuminate. 

The ampoule has a gel like texture and a neutral smell. However, it got really watery and started dripping off my face. Next, you apply the mask on top and leave it on for 20 min before removing it and massaging everything in. The mask was a real let down. Extremely thin and tore easily. 

After I removed it, my face felt so sticky I actually washed it off.
I don't see or feel anything different with my face either. Meh.

  • It didn't work
  • Watery mess all over face
  • Super sticky
  • Only $2.80
Totally. Not. Repurchasing. 

I have a better feeling about the others I bought though..cant wait to try them out!

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