Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mac Prep Primer

Okay! So the other day I was watching
"Get it beauty self" this Korean make up thing. They basically teach girls how to work wonders with colours! It's insane! Like one of those Taipei mei after and before eyelash and eyeliner thing? But Korean it involves alot of shading and contouring, damn power la..and as usual, me being a sucker for this kind of thing, went to buy one if their featured product, the mac prep primer!!!

Okay so I usually use Chanel's Le Blanc light revealing primer and I love it! It's light, smells nice and illuminates the skin! So you might ask why change? Because..they feature it Leh! And the girls look so good! So?I must try! Who knows? This one might be better! Hahah girls.. never contended. Plus Mac is a cosmetic brand, covered on some Asian show, so our skins should more or less match. No?

Okay enough said! Lets get down to business!

So Mac Prep Primer promises to even out skin tone like an enhancer to prep ur skin for foundations and also helping it to last through the day, adding radiance and glow! And it has SPF 35, so it's not too bad, though 50 would be ideal..but let's not be greedy.

me without makeup.

And now! After applying the primer.. Does my skin tone look any better?

 me with liquid foundation, it doesn't feel heavy, oily or sticky!
I manage to apply it smoothly!

Ok my camera isn't of the best quality, I will change it but anyway i personally I feel it that the primer instantly lightens my dark circles and gives this slight dewy look, whether not it would last through the day, we have yet to find out. But comparing to Chanel, this one doesn't make my face as white as Chanel does. So I think I might prefer this for now unless it starts melting in Singapore weather!

So for now it's 4 stars!!


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