Friday, September 21, 2012

tape mani with glue base

I just got my thin blue tape from Gmarket!! I was so excited to use them that i rushed through the manicure and didn't give it enough time to dry. As a result, some parts came out blotchy, and as a FURTHER result, the Gelish topcoat came out blotchy as well.
Even after 24hrs, the Gelish top coat still didn't give that plastic feel, but more of a rubbery feel.

I usually test to see if the gelish top coat is good to go by pressing something sharp into it, if it leaves a mark, it means it hasn't really dried yet.. I do this for all top coats actually. For this mani, I used S06 from elianto and Farah from Zoya.

However, the main thing i wanted to try out was using glue as a base I have been reading all over the nail blog world about using normal school white glue as a nail base. It is supposed to peel off in a nice single piece without harming your nail.

The result? It freaking works!! But it works a little too well if you ask me.

My mani only lasted a day before the edges of my middle finger starting flapping about in the middle of class. My plan was to go home and stick some more glue on but....meh who can resist that kind of temptation. I peeled the whole thing off and I am very pleased to report that the whole nail paint came off in a single piece! Think of all the nail damage im avoiding by not using the usual removers! The only downside? Who wants a mani for only a day??
(To be fair, im sure alot of people have their glue bases on for days without it coming off, but because my job is so physical, I think it just wasn't suited for my lifestyle).

Just bought 6 new polish off gmarket! cant wait for them to arrive!!

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