Saturday, September 22, 2012

My heart's a stereo

In my previous manicure, I had a serious love-hate relationship with the white glue base..and then i came up with a brilliant idea! I decided to apply glue in the center of each nail and avoid the circumference. This way, at the very most, it's be slightly more difficult to remove at the edges but a breeze to remove the bulk of it :D

Items I used:

For this manicure, I used (left to right) SV base coat, white glue from PopBazic (Less than a dollar at Popular), Got the Blues for Red by Opi, Candie by China Glaze and  Cassi by Zoya.  I used two paint brushes, one for applying the glue and one for painting the heart on. The grey thing in front is my new nail buffer from SASA.

Speaking of nail files, i love them! I remember first buffing my nails in Primary 6 and was just so amazed at how smooth and shiny they made my nails. I bought this particular nail buffer for SGD1.40 at SASA and it works so well at making my nails nice and smooth. I only use these things to smooth my nails though. I don't bother with the shine anymore. So I always try my best to find the ones with the smooth sides only. Save money.
Because I do my nails so often, my nail bed sometimes starts to flake a little and peel.
Also, I have developed a recent aversion to using polish removers and have been simply peeling everything off. Hence my white glue obsession. Making your nails smooth before starting your manicure is important because it removes all the flaky bumps and helps the paint adhere nicely.

See how the nail looks so much better after?

Anyway, after the glue dried, I applied the base coat. Base coat is still important despite having the glue as a base because the glue does not prevent staining. You will still need a base coat to protect your nails.

I applied one coat of Cassi by Zoya and stopped myself from applying two as I had initially planned. It had the makings of becoming a granny looking color and I decided that less is probably more in this case.

Once that dried, I applied one coat of Candie by China Glaze. This polish looks so pretty in the bottle.
But it looks like glittery puke once you apply it.
I don't know why, but it has a sort of matte finish which makes everything look so dull and milky. Also, it gets rough and patchy and kinda gross when it dries.
Thankfully, I am not usually bothered by this because with a glossy topcoat on, it gets pretty all over again.

I know I told myself I wanted a simple manicure without any designs or anything but I really can't resist. I used a small brush to paint the hearts on alternate fingers. I was a little worried about the hearts (especially how on earth am I supposed to paint it on my right hand), and in the end I decided to just go with drawing 2 rectangles that meet at a point. With a toothpick, I pick up a bit of polish and make the top edges a little rounder to look a little more like a heart.

Once all that is done, Gelish time! My personal favourite part.

I quite like this one! Might do it for my toes as well :D

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