Saturday, October 27, 2012

Removing glitter polish.. THE FOIL METHOD

I have avoided glitter polish for precisely this reason. I had SUCH a love-hate relationship with my glitter- I LOVE how pretty it is but HATE how hard it is to remove it!

Although the white glue method is really good, I still didn't like how the mani never lasted whenever I used a glue base.

But everything changed.

Introducing the foil method!

It started off because I wanted to remove this:

I started reading all about it on Instagram and nail blogs (like this), about wrapping polish remover around your nails will bits of foil. Honestly, the idea isn't new. Its how most nail places remove your Gelish or Acrylic nails, but to use it for normal glitter polish? Thats new. (to me at least).

I started by preparing all the stuff I would need. I cut up each cotton pad into quarters and tore pieces of aluminum foil as well.

After soaking each mini piece of cotton pad, I placed it on the nail and pressed it a little to really allow all the "juices" to reach all parts of the glitter polish.

And then it occurred to me that I forgot to check how long I was supposed to leave it on for. But I figured 3-5 mins should probably be enough?

Well I was wrong.

After 1 min, my fingers started to feel warm. The heat increased and I decided that I was most likely time to remove the foil pieces. I couldn't believe how fast it took!

As I removed the foil, I pressed down onto the nail and pulled the "bundle" out.

I wasn't expected anything too amazing, after all, it was only a minute!

oh wow, the entire glitter manicure came off.
I forgot to take a picture but you can see how nice and clean my thumb is! When I opened the foil bundle up, you can actually see the entire shape of my nail inside, coated in green glitter. Amazing. If you are stingy (which I obviously am), you can re-use the cotton inside to wipe off any spots that the bundle might have missed. Super easy, super quick and super AWESOME.

I no longer have to curse myself silly whenever I buy yet another bottle of glitter that i'll seldom use because removal is no longer such a pain in the butt.

I feel like Im looking at all my glitter polish with new eyes.

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